Is President Biden’s Long Political Career Sinking Him?

President Joe Biden’s age and long tenure in politics since the 1970s seem to be contributing to his sinking popularity, especially among younger voters. According to CNN’s Harry Enten, Biden’s polling lead among voters aged 18-24 has significantly decreased from the 2020 election. Former President Donald Trump is now polling 25 points better among voters under 25 compared to four years ago, with 65% of young voters seeking major change rather than normalcy in Washington, D.C.

Biden’s extensive experience as a senator and vice president, totaling 48 years in Washington, is seen as a hindrance rather than an advantage. Despite his long political career, Biden has not been able to bring significant change that resonates with voters. The desire for change among young voters, combined with Biden’s incumbency, is working against him as he struggles to improve his approval ratings and address economic challenges.

As the push for change intensifies, Biden’s entrenched position in Washington may be his biggest obstacle to winning over voters who are seeking a fresh approach. The contrast between his long history in politics and the desire for something different is becoming more apparent, making it challenging for Biden to regain the support of a demographic that once favored him. The question now is whether Biden can overcome the weight of his political past and connect with voters looking for a new direction in leadership.