President Biden has been showing a more open attitude towards hearing arguments from his fellow Democrats about the possibility of stepping aside from his re-election campaign, as reported by sources familiar with the conversations. While there is no clear indication that he is reconsidering his decision to stay in the race, he has been more willing to listen to concerns raised by party members.

According to insiders, President Biden has been reviewing recent polling data and asking questions about Vice President Kamala Harris’s potential to win. This shift in attitude comes after private discussions with top Democratic leaders, Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Hakeem Jeffries, who expressed deep concerns about his electoral prospects and the impact on other candidates if he continues to run.

Despite these conversations, the White House maintains that President Biden remains committed to his candidacy and is focused on his agenda to support working families. While he may be listening to the concerns raised by his party members, there is no indication of a change in his course of action at this point.

It is clear that there is internal discontent within the Democratic party regarding President Biden’s decision to run for re-election, and the president’s willingness to engage in these discussions reflects a more open-minded approach than seen in previous weeks. The coming days will reveal whether these conversations will lead to any significant changes in the upcoming election landscape.