The last Goya Awards gala was marked by the dazzling success of the film As Bestas as well as by the presence of the best actors in our country, but it will be remembered for the shameful attitude of thousands of people on the net who criticized the physical appearance of the actress Berta Vázquez.

The artist, known to the general public thanks to her roles in Vis a Vis or in the film Palmeras en la nieve, posed on the red carpet of the event showing that her body had changed and now she is a bigger woman. This should not be news and stand out, since every day millions of people lose weight and gain weight, but the Internet was primed with the interpreter, leaving unfortunate comments: “It didn’t even seem like her”, “Hey, how did you get into the sirloin”, “I can’t believe that it is Berta, it seems that the December barbecue did her good”, among others.

Faced with the comments and controversy, the actress only responded by posting a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on her Instagram stories: “Great minds discuss ideas, standard minds discuss events, and small minds criticize people,” thus achieving a great popular support and many compliments for how he had handled the situation.

Now, a few weeks later, Vázquez has shown her body on the same social network by sharing a photo with her shirt up, leaving part of her abdomen visible. This image has caused a wave of support for the young artist, who has shown that she is very proud of her physique and ignores her hate.

After uploading the photo where she showed part of her belly, Berta announced that her latest work will be published next Tuesday, March 21, a campaign that she has recorded with the second-hand sales brand Wallapop.

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