Since the sale and planting of cherry laurel will be banned in Switzerland from September 2024, many garden owners are wondering whether this will also be the case in Germany.

Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) is banned in Switzerland because it is considered an invasive species. This plant spreads quickly and displaces native plant species, which affects biodiversity.

Due to its dense growth, cherry laurel offers little habitat for insects and birds. It also contains toxic substances such as hydrogen cyanide, which are dangerous for humans and animals. Removing the plant is difficult and expensive, as it can sprout again from remaining roots.

In order to protect the native flora and fauna, many Swiss cantons and municipalities have issued specific regulations against the planting and propagation of cherry laurel.

However, there is no such ban in Germany yet (as of May 2024). However, it is classified as potentially invasive. Therefore, the decision as to whether you plant cherry laurel is at your own discretion. However, due to its danger to animals and children, you should consider whether you want it within their reach.