As reported by the PP through a press release, Badalona has been ordered to pay 500,000 euros in interest due to the ideological decision of Guanyem and ERC not to pay a supplier, Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas. In September 2017, the tripartite government formed by Guanyem, ERC and Badalona En Comú Podem decided to breach the clauses governing the cleaning contract and, “for an exclusively ideological reason – points out García Albiol- to stop paying the established amounts”.

Now, following the note from the PP, the Contentious Administrative Court number 17 of Barcelona obliges the City Council to pay everything that was not made effective, 6,150,000 euros, plus 8% interest, 492,000 euros. With this, Xavier García Albiol assures that “the ideological battles of Guanyem-CUP, ERC and the Comunes have cost us half a million euros” for which he demands that “everyone come out to apologize publicly and assume their responsibility”.

In the PP brief, it is ensured that García Albiol already warned, in March of last year, that the arrogance of Dolors Sabater and ERC using the City Council for their ideological experiments “would cost the residents of Badalona hundreds of thousands of euros”. Now, the quadripartite municipal plenary session of the PSC, ERC, En Comú and JxCat, will approve the economic modifications necessary to comply with the sentences and pay both the amounts that were not paid at the time and the half million euros of interest. Garcia Albiol affirms that “when you turn the City Council into an ideological testing ground, the ones who end up paying the consequences are the neighbors.”

For this reason, the Popular Group demands Dolor Sabater from Guanyem Badalona en Comú as Mayor at that time, Alex Montornés as president of ERC and Aïda Llauradò, president of Badalona En Comú Podem, to “go out and give public explanations because their obsession with turning Badalona into an experiment in its ideological struggles today costs us 500,000 euros, which should only be used to improve the day-to-day life of the residents”, he concludes.