There are those who, as Joan Manel Serrat sang, are lucky enough to have been born in the Mediterranean. Ours is also to be able to renew our vows in less than two hours. Do it, of course, respecting all the elements that this religion – isn’t the Mediterranean one? – demands of those who profess it. That is: you will honor the sea, the air and the land above all things. The place where they cross, however, is not at sea level. On the contrary, it rises a few meters. It emerges, like a watchtower, to look at what surrounds us and realize that, without a doubt, we do not need anything else and feel that beauty does have a cradle: the Costa Brava. And without taking the plane.

Among the different enclaves that this capriciously steep coast offers, what we could consider its heart beats strongly. It is because it contains the quintessence of the place. The purest, essential and perfect landscape of that oasis called Costa Brava: Begur. Coastal paths, coves with turquoise waters (eight in total, from Illa Roja to Aigua Blava) and an unmistakable seaside atmosphere, despite being located inland – just a 10-minute walk separates it from the coast). Its beautiful Indian houses, its medieval castle – which presides imposingly over the municipality – and its old town, among other treasures, await visitors looking for something more than a beach destination. And here’s the warning. It is not: it is another level. The level imposed by what is considered a premium destination, both by those here and by those who visit from afar. For everyone it is a paradise on earth. Or, rather, in the sea.

It is no coincidence that it has become a privileged destination for those who practice tourism that embraces and does not erode. For those who approach it respecting the secrecy and peace that only true sanctuaries inspire. And this one is. Dwell along its paths, discover some of its hidden coves as you pass, close your eyes to the lullaby of its crystalline waters while you verify that happiness exists, especially when we float with our arms outstretched. Those who identify some of the three previous actions as a gift from the gods will find their little Olympus in Talaia Plaza EcoResort. Home. The place in which nature is the protagonist and with it, the senses of those who visit it.

Few settings offer such a wide range of activities as the one dominated from the views of this resort, combining, with alchemical precision, each of the elements that make the Costa Brava that place from which one would never leave. Because, dear reader, if you have not ever dreamed of living in a humble fisherman’s house and being able to submerge, day in and day out, your feet under its waters, maybe – just maybe – you should not continue reading. If, on the other hand, when ‘Mediterranean’ plays, your heart lets itself be carried away as if the lyrics were talking about you, perhaps Talaia Plaza EcoResort is your next destination. In other words. If you think that there is no greater luxury than living in direct contact with nature, surrounded by a pine forest near the crystal-clear waters of Sa Riera, you are welcome.

As a new temporary ‘neighbor’, the first thing you should know is that Talaia Plaza EcoResort is like a small village made up of 104 accommodations, all built with ecological materials, with impressive views of the sea and the pine forest. In fact, it includes everything that the lover of slow luxury applied to architecture demands: timeless, quality and environmentally responsible. Beautiful, simple, cozy from any angle where you are and, of course, where you stay. From comfortable glamping experiences, through charming tiny homes and tipi lodges, to premium lodges, among other capacities and formats, decorated respecting the Mediterranean essence of the environment in which it is located. Dream fulfilled.

But sleep, in reality, is much better, not only for the eyes, but for our interior. Talaia Plaza EcoResort takes its place in the world connected to what surrounds it and offers that same holistic experience to its guests, with a focus on health and relaxation. For this reason, they offer everything from yoga and Pilates sessions to stretches designed to rejuvenate your body and mind at the beginning or end of the day. They have, in fact, a large team of instructors so that, whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can improve your flexibility, increase your physical resistance and find that inner peace that one needs so much on vacation – and does not always find. It is not surprising that The Times itself has highlighted Talaia Plaza EcoResort in its top of the best hotels on the Costa Brava.

Special mention must be made of the outdoor gym, it is an open-air gym that offers the possibility of toning the body while enjoying the breeze in a serene environment. It is also the perfect destination to embark on a wellness journey with its exclusive wellness experiences. The murmur of the sea accompanies guests at Posidonia Spa, with Balinese beds in which to relax and a wide range of treatments to rest the body and strengthen the mind.

You should also not miss out on enjoying the outdoor relaxation area with sauna and jacuzzi, or the attractive activity programs they offer. Thus, the experience called ‘Wellness by the Sea’ includes a 50-minute massage, an hour of creative meditation, hiking, a Tibetan bowl bath and a detox smoothie. Another program, aimed at disconnection, includes an aromatherapy massage, a Reiki session and a final massage, this time accompanied by the relaxing sound of Tibetan bowls, and a detox infusion.

Of course, in this resort you can discover the Costa Brava by bike through selected routes adapted to each level. Also discover the magic of a cocktail made with kilometer zero products created by bartenders who design a journey of local and sustainable flavors in each of their proposals. The most adventurous cannot miss the Camino del Agua, a hiking route through serene rivers and lush forests. It is essential to drop by the summer cinema and end the day under a blanket of stars in its mobile planetarium. Making a wish when a shooting star passes by will be a piece of cake, even if the wish is, as it cannot be otherwise, to return the following summer.