A reader named Liz from Philadelphia is worried about coming off as an exhibitionist at her daughter’s beach wedding. She found a pretty bikini for the beach party but is concerned about appearing too young or trying too hard. The question arises – is there an age limit for wearing a two-piece swimsuit?

Last year, Gabrielle Union-Wade faced criticism on Instagram for posting photos of herself in a bikini after turning 50. She boldly responded by saying she would continue to wear bikinis until her “ass literally falls off” and might even wear one in her coffin. She emphasized the importance of women taking up space and owning their beauty at any age.

The decision to wear a bikini is more about psychology and sociology than physique, especially in public settings like a beach or event. At home or a friend’s pool, the choice is simple – wear what makes you happy, regardless of age or body type.

There is a societal expectation for women to become invisible in Hollywood after a certain age, but women like Gabrielle Union-Wade challenge this notion by confidently wearing bikinis and embracing their beauty. The message is clear – age should not dictate what you wear, especially when it comes to swimwear.

So, when it comes to Liz’s dilemma about wearing a bikini to her daughter’s beach wedding, the answer lies in her confidence and comfort. If she feels good in the bikini and wants to wear it, she should go for it without worrying about age or perceptions. Embracing one’s beauty and feeling comfortable in one’s skin is what truly matters, regardless of what others may think.