A piece of an amputated finger has revolutionized Redondela in recent days. The phalanx appeared in a cafeteria-bakery in this Galician town without anyone claiming it. Employees of the hospitality establishment found her on the floor while cleaning. “They thought it was a grape,” said the owner in statements to Galician Television (TVG).

From the cafeteria they alerted the National Police and an investigation was launched to find out who that finger belonged to. Thanks to comparing the fingerprints in their database, the agents discovered that it belonged to an operator who had suffered a work accident days before. He had gone to a hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

Days later, the missing piece of finger was found by his wife in their home and the woman decided to keep it in a napkin. “I said, ‘How pretty it is!’ “My husband has very beautiful hands,” she explained on television. Such beauty did not prevent carelessness in the cafeteria and the subsequent scare of the premises’ workers at the time of the discovery.

Once the reunion between finger and owner occurred, the police closed the case as it was not a criminal incident and classified it as a domestic accident.