The Italian migrant Augustus Perucchi made the first vermouth on record in Spain in Badalona. In a century and a half, the company founded in 1876 developed a wide range of vermouths and liqueurs, lived through years of splendor, crisis and decline until a bankruptcy led to the liquidation and sale of the production unit to two Catalan businessmen in the sector. , Álex Soler Kettlitz and Eduardo Vidal-Ribas Flo, in 2017.

With the experience of its new owners in different distributors and in wineries such as Codorniu, Bacardi and Martini

This French company intends to build a European group that manufactures and distributes quality vermouths, spirits and liqueurs, strongly rooted in the territory, and to make them grow. “There is a strong consumer trend towards small, regional, zero-mile brands that are respectful of the environment and sustainability and close to people,” says Reynaud.

Perucchi now has its factory in Badalona, ​​some 20 employees and sales that do not exceed 5 million euros. But the most important thing for its new owner is that it keeps intact “a DNA, an identity that makes it ideal for what we were looking for: brands with growth potential and in a market where good things are appreciated”, adds the manager.

The sale involves the two former partners, who have received an undisclosed amount in cash, but who remain in the company to lead it in the new stage and, obviously, will receive a second payment based on the future performance of the company. For the moment, Reynaud secures resources to turn the numbers around, especially with regard to sales.

“The strategy we have on the table has established three very clear priorities: distribution, distribution and distribution”, he comments absolutely seriously. It’s time to go out, knock on the door, sell. The goal, while Magellan