83-year-old woman seriously injured after being gored by bison at Yellowstone National Park: Officials

An 83-year-old woman from Greenville, South Carolina, sustained “serious injuries” after being gored by a wild bison at Yellowstone National Park on June 1. The incident occurred near the Storm Point Trail at Yellowstone Lake, according to officials. The National Park Service stated that the bison was seemingly “defending its space” during the encounter.

The woman was visiting the park when the bison came within a few feet of her and lifted her about a foot off the ground with its horns. Park emergency responders transported her to the Lake Medical Clinic, from where she was flown by helicopter to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. While the woman suffered serious injuries, officials did not provide further details on her current condition.

The National Park Service advised all visitors to the area to “move away from wildlife if they approach you.” It is crucial for visitors to respect safety regulations and view wildlife from a safe distance. Officials emphasized the importance of staying more than 25 yards away from all large animals, including bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and coyotes. Additionally, people should maintain a distance of 100 yards from bears and wolves.

According to the National Park Service, bison have injured more individuals in the park than any other animal. They described bison as “unpredictable” and highlighted their ability to run three times faster than humans. While bison are not inherently aggressive, they will defend their space when they feel threatened.

In conclusion, the incident involving the 83-year-old woman being gored by a bison at Yellowstone National Park serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife and adhering to safety guidelines while visiting national parks. Visitors must maintain a safe distance from animals and exercise caution to ensure their own well-being and the preservation of the park’s natural inhabitants.