Drafting a closer/reliever is no different than a trip to the supermarket. You enter with a list and have your eyes on the best possible products, but you have to shop smart and make sure you can afford all of the items on your list.

It isn’t always easy, but if you scope out what is Güvenilir Bahis Siteleri down each aisle, you will find exactly what you need.

Your first instinct may be to go organic and pick up the Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen (50.7 average draft position and $16 average auction price, according to FantasyPros), the Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman (53.7, $17) or the Orioles’ Zach Britton (62.3, $17). The problem is, these items cost a lot, eating up too much of your budget and preventing you from getting everything else you need to survive.

There are other organic products (from lesser-known companies), like the Giants’ Mark Melancon (81.3, $15), the Red Sox’s Craig Kimbrel (87.7, $10), the Cardinals’ Seung Hwan-Oh (86.3, $11) or the Blue Jays’ Roberto Osuna (87.7, $11), that are just as good but still come with hefty a price tag.

You can go with name brands (you’ll be able to use a coupon), like the Mariners’ Edwin Diaz (90.3, $11), the Astros’ Ken Giles (102.3, $10), the Royals’ Kelvin Herrera (117.7, $9) or the Rays’ Alex Colome (127.3, $6), because you know these are good, reliable products that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

But, when you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you should buy generic. Not only are they cheaper, but they will allow you to buy more and they taste just as good.

Waiting to draft the Marlins’ A.J. Ramos — the 18th ranked relief pitcher with a 136.0 ADP ($4 auction), according to FantasyPros — will help your team’s depth without hurting your bottom line. Over the past two seasons, Ramos is 3-8 with a 2.55 ERA, 72 saves in 81 attempts, 160 strikeouts (10.7 per nine innings) and a 1.176 WHIP. Sure, he has walked 4.1 per nine over that span, but you’re not expecting perfection when you go generic. You’re just looking for the cheaper option.

The Pirates’ Tony Watson (155.3, $3) doesn’t have a ton of closer experience (just 20 saves since 2011), but he shouldn’t be left on the shelf. In his 20 career saves, Watson has a 1.66 ERA with 17 strikeouts and just four runs allowed.

The same goes for the White Sox’s David Robertson (131.0, $5), who has 110 saves over the past three seasons, or the Tigers’ Francisco Rodriguez (136.7, $4), who has 126 saves and a 2.85 ERA in that time. The Rangers’ Sam Dyson (164.3, $2), the Braves’ Jim Johnson (210.3, $0) and the Diamondbacks’ Fernando Rodney (268.0, $0) are solid late options, too. There may be a dent in these cans, and some of their expiration dates seem like they’ve been approaching for years, but that doesn’t mean the products aren’t good.

While shopping, you must remember to pick up Rolaids or Advil, because you always will need some relief. Players like the Yankees’ Dellin Betances (161.7, $4) or the Indians’ Andrew Miller (108.0, $8), who will pick up the occasional save (Miller more so than Betances), but also strike out a ton of batters while maintaining solid ERAs and WHIPs.

Maybe you threw the Mets’ Jeurys Familia (116.7, $6) in your cart too early before realizing he wasn’t going to ripen for a while. Put him in the freezer and purchase the Mets’ Addison Reed (258.3, $2), who is ready to consume while you wait.

Always take taste tests if they’re being offered. This gives you a good chance to try different items. Maybe you pick up the Reds’ Raisel Igelsias (204.3, $1) or the Angels’ Cam Bedrosian (238.7, $0) before realizing they might not be the best product on that team. Just try them!

You always can walk down the dog food aisle and pick up the Padres’ Brandon Maurer (244.0, $0), the Phillies’ Hector Neris (216.7, $0), or the Brewers’ Neftali Feliz (283.7, $0). Wait, you don’t have a dog? Well, maybe your neighbors do, and Rufus keeps leaving gifts on your lawn because you haven’t been nice to him in the past. Change your ways, be nice and keep dog food in the house.

Your last resort: Fling your cart down the toilet cleaner aisle and see which Twins or Rockies reliever you wind up with after it bangs into the shelves and knocks over an old lady. They will be used sparingly and stink up your place when you use them, but they are good to have around.

There will be no shortage of usable closers/relievers as the season rolls on, you just have to know which aisles to walk down to find the best buys.

Draft preview special: Part 1 of 5

The Roto Rage Jarad Wilk ranks catchers and relievers. Next week: middle infielders


1. Jonathan Lucroy            Tex
2. Buster Posey                 SF
3. Gary Sanchez                NYY
4. Wilson Contreras          ChC
5. J.T. Realmuto                 Mia
6. Salvador Perez              KC
7. Wilson Ramos                TB
8. Yasmani Grandal           LAD
9. Welington Castillo         Bal
10. Russell Martin              Tor
11. Brian McCann               Hou
12. Kyle Schwarber           ChC
13. Evan Gattis                   Hou
14. Yadier Molina               StL
15. Matt Wieters                Was
16. Stephen Vogt              Oak
17. Tom Murphy                 Col
18. Cameron Rupp            Phi
19. Travis d’Arnaud            NYM
20. Francisco Cervelli       Pit


1. Kenley Jansen               LAD
2. Aroldis Chapman         NYY
3. Zach Britton                  Bal
4. Mark Melancon            SF
5. Craig Kimbrel               Bos
6. Edwin Diaz                   Sea
7. Ken Giles                       Hou
8. Seung-Hwan Oh          StL
9. Roberto Osuna             Tor
10. Wade Davis                 ChC
11. Cody Allen                   Cle
12. Alex Colome               TB
13. Kelvin Herrera             KC
14. Andrew Miller             Cle
15. David Robertson        CWS
16. A.J. Ramos                  Mia
17. Dellin Betances           NYY
18. Jeurys Familia             NYM
19. Francisco Rodriguez  Det
20. Tony Watson              Pit

Top catching prospects

1. Tom Murphy                  Col
2. Jorge Alfaro                 Phi
3. Francisco Mejia           Cle
4. Zack Collins                 CWS
5. Chance Sisco               Bal

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