The offseason is gaining momentum, and the No. 1 question surrounding the New York Jets remains the quarterback position.

@RichCimini @nyjets Which veteran QB do you most likely see the Jets signing this offseason? #jetsmail

— Nick Sampson (@Nick_elodeon55) February 24, 2017

@RichCimini: My money remains on Mike Glennon, with “money” being the key word. If the bidding for the pending free agent gets out of control — we’re talking Brock Osweiler money — I think the Jets would drop out. They have to be smart about this; they can’t let desperation run their checkbook. Asking price aside, Glennon checks enough of the other important boxes — age, experience, upside, etc. — to make him a worthwhile consideration for a quarterback-needy team such as the Jets. They could see him as a bridge quarterback, with a chance to develop into something more. Me? I’d proceed with caution. He has a slow release and he doesn’t perform well when pressured.

I could see the Jets making a phone call on Tony Romo, but it just doesn’t seem like the right match for either side. In my opinion, Tyrod Taylor is the best fit for the Jets, even though his accuracy would be a concern in a West Coast-type system. New offensive coordinator John Morton would have to build his system around Taylor’s strengths. That aside, he’s a dynamic runner, doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions and still hasn’t reached his ceiling. The Bills still own his rights, with a decision fast approaching. Taylor is seeking major bucks and could be cost prohibitive for the Jets, who may prefer a short-term solution while Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg continue to develop on the bench.

There’s been a lot of buzz about Jay Cutler (assuming he’s released by the Bears), but I don’t see him coming to the Jets. Yeah, I know, his old position coach, Jeremy Bates, now works for the Jets, but I’d still be surprised if it happens. Quarterback is a leadership position, and Cutler is not a leader. He’s also turnover-prone.

A couple of Twitter followers have asked about Colin Kaepernick, who is expected to void his contract with the 49ers. Morton is a former 49ers assistant who was around Kaepernick during his heyday (2012-14), if you can call it that, so some might be wondering about a possible reunion. Despite some deceiving stats last season, Kaepernick hasn’t been a good quarterback in three years. His political beliefs would create a sideshow in New York. I’m not saying the Jets would eliminate him based on that, but let’s not forget who the owner is. Woody Johnson is a Donald Trump supporter and a possible U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom. Just saying.

Jimmy Garoppolo? Come on, man, do you think Bill Belichick would trade him to the Jets?

Ultimately, the Jets’ evaluation of Petty and Hackenberg will determine how much they invest at quarterback. If they need a cheap, bridge quarterback, Brian Hoyer would be an option. If they want an expensive (and risky) bridge, it would be Romo. If they’re thinking long term and willing to spend, Taylor would be a solid choice. If they want to hedge their bets, Glennon could be the guy.

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