the Championship is not decided yet. But the edge must not be much greater, before the Stig Tøfting stands ready to congratulate the FC Midtjylland with the title.

But so far, he will not yet go, although central jutland looks rock-solid with eight wins in a row and an unprecedented pointsnit of 2.63 per. battle.

– It looks really good for Brian Priske & Co. And, of course, are the big favorites. The edge must not be larger than the current seven points, if there will still be tension.

Stig Tøfting refuses to write off Stale Solbakken and FCK in the guldkampen. But he points out that the edge should not be greater. So is it all settled. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

– But here and now I will certainly not write off the FCK. Stale Solbakkens troops delivered a very strong spring of this year. And they can do so again for the spring, assess Stig Tøfting, there have been many reactions to the top of his message in søndagsklummen in Ekstra Bladet, where he vowed to go from Viby in Århus to Herning on Sunday, if the FCM defeated Brøndby. It came through the 2-1 victory.

– I am not a man, that goes around and regret anything. I am going to go on Sunday and it will surely also be good for my body, says Stig Tøfting with a wry smile.

to return to the sports he is impressed with the midtjydernes performance, because they have hit a high, stable level.

– When I compare the FCM and Brøndby, then I must just observe, that there is quality on all seats with Brian Priskes crew. It is not the case in denmark.

despite 12 one målssejre in this season, the FCM shown that they only need a half chance to score and decide the battles think Stig Tøfting.

Stig Tøfting has been many reactions to his announcement that he will go from Aarhus to Herning on Sunday, if the FCM defeated Brøndby. And it came to pass, as you know. – I am not a human being, that goes on and regret what I have said. My body has to go, he says with a wry smile. Photo: Lars Poulsen.

Brøndby has lost three in a row and is playing right now fjerdeviolin in the premier League. It may not evolve to a bronze medal in the season.

– It can surprise me, is that Brøndby are not covering up. I do not understand that the covers of the zones rather than man-man. As FCM scored sejrsmålet was Brøndby clearly in the majority in the field, but they were totally passive, points out Stig Tøfting, who, however, also believe that Niels Frederiksen’s troops have been a bit unfortunate in the last two matches Against FCK and FCM.

– It is hard for Brøndby right now, the bead out. They could well have scored points in the last two matches, points out Stig Tøfting.

He calls the development in the bottom exciting, because Silkeborg now have contact to Esbjerg on the vital 13. space.

– If Silkeborg can join at 13. the square will come into the pot with the number 12 and it increases the chances of survival.

– As it looks right now, the team that finishes as the number 14, is getting very hard to save life, think Stig Tøfting.

Number 11 and 14 end up in the same nedrykningsgruppe for the spring. And right now the gap is 12 points between the two. The bottom two from the two the group moves directly down, while the two clubs that will be second to last, play on one nedrykningsplads.

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