In the spring of 2019 won the 54-year-old priest Peter Viuff the 500,000 crowns in the TV2 programme ‘Home to the farm’.

It had been a long fight to get there, where Peter was smoked out of the program and returned and also had made enemies with several of the other cast members. Ultimately, it led him to the victory and the half a million.

they were The two oldest men, Peter (tv.) and Tom Hedegaard (th.), that was in the finals of the ‘Home to the farm’. Photo: Lotta Lemche /TV2

The royal priest told afterwards, that some of the money was donated to all the scouts who daily do a good job for the kids who have it hard in school. Like he even had it difficult in his childhood.

His idea was, therefore, that the scouts could seek money from him, if they needed things they could think for themselves.

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It turns out now, however, that this has not yet happened.

– I have paid a lot of money in taxes and the other money I won, I have not used yet. I had promised that some scouts could seek some of the money, but there is not really anyone who has searched yet, unfortunately. So now we have to see, told Peter to the Reality Awards, where he appeared with the other ‘Home to the farm’-participants.

A big part of the ‘Home to the farm’team. Photo: Jonas Olufson

– We still keep together in the group, even though we have been adversaries and had conflicts. We love each other, is a big family, and we are considering buying a single cow, it sounded from him.

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