Earlier in the week, it was revealed that three of the ‘Year 0’-the stellar siblings each get their own library on the TV2 Play in the new year.

There comes a programme about Stephanies little sister, Isabella, Christian’s younger brother, Ludwig, and Rachel’s older brother, David.

the 16-year-old Isabella is certainly pleased with the result of her program, but she also admits that she thinks it feels weird that for once, it is her, and not the older sister, who is the main character.

– It is a little strange that it is me who is in the center, for I have always been accustomed to, that I was a little in the background. I think, however, that it has been really nice to make the program, and it seems my classmates also. The film crew was up filming at my school, and then there is also the clip where I’m out in the city with my friends, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

Viewers can look forward to see how I have it. You have seen a part that I have been bullied and not had it so good, and so can you in the the program set my development, and see how I have it now, and how I have it with me though, ” continues Isabella, and elaborates:

– I have it really good now. I go in 10. class in urbana, illinois, the same school as Stephanie also went on, and I think that, after the summer would like to start on the HHX or STX. But I just find completely out of it.

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even Though Isabella certainly have enjoyed being in the focus of the miniprogrammet, she was glad that it was Stephanie and not her self, who was the protagonist in ‘Year 0’.

– I’ve always liked, that I was not the, there was the mid-point. I like to have some privacy, so on the way, it has been fine, it has been the Stephanie, which program has referred to. I don’t know how I myself would handle it, if it had been me. But I’m really pleased that we have been with, and that we have all of the recordings from our childhood. It’s really cool, she says and continues.

– however, I am really happy for the program that has been made about me, and it’s been cut together in a good way. So I could as well have been ready for something more, if there appeared a possibility.

Isabella says she has a really good relationship with Stephanie. The two talk not together daily, since Stephanie lives with her boyfriend Jeff, while Isabella lives with her mother, but they live both in Slagelse and is often seen.

Here is Isabella, along with Stephanie, their mother, Christina, and two of their younger brothers Romeo and William. Photo: TV2/Camilla Hay

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