Ubers Danish fairy tale ending abruptly in 2017, where Uber has pulled out of Denmark, now costs a large number of former Uber-drivers expensive.

The writing Magazine 3F.

the Drivers have been unveiled in to swindle the public in a big way by receiving social security benefits while they had a revenue of Uber.

131 drivers will thus have to pay well over 3.5 million dollars back. 22 of the drivers has deceived so grossly, that they also have been reported to the police by the authorities.

Cheating is distributed like this:

57 of the drivers have scammed the country’s municipalities with social assistance. 68 of the drivers have cheated a-boxes in relation to the allowance. 6 of the drivers have cheated the public authority “Payment Denmark” with maternity pay.

It appears by a response from the minister for employment Peter Hummelgard (S) to the Danish parliament’s Employment committee.

the Reason why it has been possible for the Danish authorities to go Uber-the drivers in the market is that the Tax has obtained information on drivers ‘ income from the Netherlands.

The Dutch tax authorities hold the information, because Ubers european headquarters is located in the Netherlands.

the tax administration received the tax information about 1.800 persons income as an Uber driver in Denmark. Of them surrendered the 821 possible cases of social fraud to the other authorities in order to answer the question, how many of you have cheated.

The widespread cheating comes as no surprise to the chairman of 3F’s Transport Jan Villadsen.

– There is the earlier the dropped sentences and huge fines against Uber drivers. This shows again, that Uber are nothing more than scams and fraud. Uber did not care about the Danish legislation, and the drivers could not live of the income. A part has so deceived by the side of, say, Jan Villadsen