It all began around 9 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, when police in Honolulu got a call from a woman who needed help.

A police officer subsequently found a woman on the ground who had been stabbed in the leg and went to help her, while his colleagues tried to find the perpetrator.

As they began to walk towards a house in the area where the woman had been stabbed, shot a man – later identified as 79-year-old Jaroslav Hanel or just Jerry – after them.

Here you can see the dead cops Tiffany Victoria Enriquez (t.v.) and Kaulike Kalama. Politifoto

The fierce gunfire between the police and the older man killed the first officer Tiffany Victoria Enriquez life. Also Kaulike Kalama was killed when he later tried to neutralize the offender.

Allegedly sought the offender then entered the house and set fire to it. The fire was so fierce that the police asked the fire department to stay away. There was a part of ammunition in the house.

the Fire spread quickly to six nearby houses.

Here is seen the smoke of the houses that caught fire during the drama. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

the Police preliminary investigations suggest that Jaroslav Hanel has died in the fire. The suspicion is that he tried to kill his landlord because he had been thrown out.

There are also reports that the perpetrator originates from the Czech republic and the former has been in court, where there was a need for an interpreter, since he spoke good English.

– He had some mental problems, confirms his lawyer, Jonathan Burge, the face of CNN.

Two neighbours have also got a restraining order against the man, who they feared. It is unclear how he got hold of the weapon, since he did not have a firearms licence.

Jaroslav Hanel was according to the police behind the killings and died subsequently in the fire. Politifoto

the Honolulu police chief Susan Ballard said at a news conference that it has been hard to lose Enriquez and Kalama.

– They were like my children.

this is The first time since 2012, that operated from Honolulu have been killed in the service.

Hawaii’s governor has also spoken out on the situation:

– the Entire state mourns the loss of the two police officers from Honolulu, who was killed during the execution of his duty in the morning, he says to the media.