It is not more than four days ago, to the well-known british tv-hostess Caroline Flack was arrested and aims for the violence against his 27-year-old and 193 centimetres tall boyfriend Lewis Burton, who has had a longer career as a tennis player and also works as a model.

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Caroline Flack has for five seasons been the host of the realityprogrammet ‘Love Island’, which starts its sixth season 12. January. But now joins the well-known tv hostess on Instagram out, she pulls out from the tv job in the ‘Love Island’ because of the ongoing deadliest single targeted killing against her.

In its lookup writes Caroline Flack the following:

‘There have been several articles in the media and allegations made in connection with my private life. Although things are not as they have been described in the media, I am willing to cooperate with the proper authorities, and I can not comment on the matter further until the legal process is over’.

So writes Caroline Flack, and he continues:

‘Love Island has been my world over the last five years. It is the best program on TV. But the best that I can do now, is to pull me from season 6 in order not to take attention from the soon to start on season 6.’

‘I want, to the excellent team behind the series have created a great season in Cape Town’, writes Caroline Flack.

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Caroline Flack is seen here together with her boyfriend Lewis Burton. (Photo: Ritzau Scanpix)

A spokesperson from ITV has the opposite of the Daily Mail said the following:

‘ITV has had a long lasting relationship for Caroline, and we understand and accept her decision. We will keep in touch with her in the coming months in connection with the forthcoming seasons of Love Island.’

The 40-year-old Caroline Flack, there are only 162 centimeters high, is charged with assaulting his 31 centimeters higher gf. It happened allegedly in connection with a quarrel, which developed into the so-called husspektakel. The great tennis-player, however, was the only one of the two, which was taken to subsequent treatment at a nearby hospital. However, he is not seriously injured.

A spokesman from the London Ambulance Service has stated the following:

‘We were called to an address in a residential area at 05.28. We have treated two people at the scene of the crime. A person is taken to the hospital.’