Christian Degn, who is the new face on the tv-success ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’, is using a different kind of lifeline when it comes to the question of the great love.

The 40-year-old former ‘Hammer’host live life as a single at the moment, since he and eksen Sirid Garff went each to his back in the spring.

The former lovers ” lived together in the tv host’s apartment, but had true that it should not be the two.

– It just didn’t. We have tried our best, said the Christian Degn to See and Hear, then the news of the breach came to light.

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But it must be his dear mother, enough to make:

– I think my mother really like as me with a new one, but I have not yet in sight, says Christian Degn in connection with the premiere of the latest ‘Star Wars’movies.

The above two metres high tv-host does not have any in sight on kærestefronten. Photo: Rasmus Flindt.

– If the final was going to be, so I think that my mother would make sure that she was lying wrapped under the christmas tree this year.

reportedly, the mother of the high tv-host so keen to have a daughter-in-law, she acts as a kind of ‘wingwoman’.

– Up to 23. december holds a lot of MOUSE-conversations with a lot of women, so on the way, she is my ‘wingwoman’. She would like to help me on the point, telling Christian Degn and explains that he does not have as great faith in his mother’s abilities as Kirsten Giftekniv.

by the same token, lifted up the Christian Degn reveals that he has new television projects in the game in the coming year:

– I am going to work more for TV2, I’m happy to say. But what it’s about, you must wait and see.