the Tv host Lise Rønne have had enough.

Enough of the tv critics, who describes her person and appearance, from gender-specific terms.

Therefore, she wrote a lengthy op-ed that was published in the newspaper Politiken, where she among other things points at the tv critic Bo Tao Michaëlis.

He has ‘given her a stomach ache’ on the basis of different reviews, in which he particularly highlights her appearance.

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Since the post has a stream of sentiment from both sexes greeted Lise Rønne criticism welcome.

One of them, the seasoned tv-skærmtrold Camilla Ottesen, who has been suffering with kvindefornedrende portrayal:

– We (female tv-hosts red.) are often judged by our clothing. It is clear, because we most often are young women, who are together with older men. Now I fortunately ended up in a different category, because I’m older, says Camilla Ottesen.

Camilla Ottesen has been hosted on ‘Go’ Morgen P3′ and the Melody Grand Prix. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

– What is the worst you have read about yourself?

– The worst thing I’ve read about myself, may probably be, as one wrote, that I looked like a cheap havneluder. And I think that good enough was just lawful tremendously, says Ottesen, who does not want to go out with, who was the sender of the words.

– This kind of is not at all constructive criticism. So you can disagree with us, and one can think that we are not empathetic as hosts. But why criticize how we look, and what kind of clothes we have on?

– It’s crazy how much difference there is in the description of the male hosts vs. female. The example of Nina Munch-Perrin, who was described as one that was on the way to a club, was not in order. It is completely under lavmålet. I think it is terrible that it even can be printed in the leading newspapers.

The coming year, Camilla Ottesen, together with Joachim Boldsen be hosted on the new version of ‘fort boyard’ on TV3.