Xavier Trias has decided to postpone “for a while” his departure from the Barcelona City Council, where he is currently the leader of Trias for Barcelona, ​​the main opposition group to the government of socialist Jaume Collboni. The former mayor of the Catalan capital and winner of the municipal elections last May has assured, in an interview with Ràdio 4, that although his initial intention was to leave the act of councilor in September or October, he will remain in office until next year that is coming, on a date that has not been specified.

Trias wants the months that he will continue to lead the Junts group in the Barcelona City Council to finish “consolidating” the group’s structure and “so that politics calms down.”

Asked about the possibility of entering the municipal government and establishing an alliance with the socialist group, Xavier Trias said that “nothing can ever be ruled out”, although he has admitted that this option currently makes “little sense”.

At the moment, he has remarked, Trias for Barcelona has no intention of abandoning the opposition. He would only change his mind if “Collboni wasn’t flirting all day with Ada Colau”.

Trias has criticized Collboni’s tactic of recruiting people like former councilor Santi Vila, with whom the Junts leader maintains a good relationship, who will chair a commission of infrastructure experts