Sunday went TV2-host Cecilie Hother to the keys on his Instagram profile, and here she revealed that fortune now smiles upon her and the man, Thomas Gregers Honoré, and in the new year will be parents again, when a little boy growing in her belly.

The happy news comes after a tough year for the couple, who in march was hit by a great sadness, as they lost their unborn son, Carl.

For Extra Magazine tells Cecilie Hother therefore, also, that it is with mixed feelings that she now see his belly grow again.

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– It is quite amazing and wonderful. It is a big wish that has come true, and we are extremely grateful and happy, ” she says, and continues:

– But at the same time I am also really anxious and nervous. It’s something that belongs. When you have experienced to lose, will it never be the same to be pregnant again. Innocence, which is associated with a pregnancy, is removed. But we are being followed very closely, and we are in safe hands, so even though we are very nervous, so we are confident, she says further.

Cecilie Hother is among other things, host at TV2 Weather. Photo: Jonas Olufson

According to Cecilie Hother struggles she is still with the grief of having lost his unborn son, and therefore it is inevitable that her emotions fluctuate a lot in connection with pregnancy.

– It is, after all, a conditions, which I try to balance in as well as I can. I am still in a sorgproces, but at the same time, I have also an ultimate delight by the here, which is the largest one can experience in life, ” she says, and continues:

– But it is very extreme poles, I’m standing in right now. It is very strong and violent emotions. So that grief and joy can hit me hard, and it changes a lot. It is all in a big jumble, and it is a very large følelsesregister, to get through, and which, I think, to many who have lost, can recognize. It is so hard, and the pain is so great.

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– How to separate this pregnancy from your first pregnancy?

– It is clear that the that of innocence, where ‘just’ is pregnant, and you care about sex and nakkefoldscanning, and you want to shout out over all the mountains that you are pregnant – the innocence is gone, and everything is transformed on the way, ” she says, and says further that she for the same reason, have tried to hide the pregnancy for as long as possible:

– If I had not had a big dent on the abdomen at the present time, I would drag it to January with to reveal it and keep the cards close to the body, but it was simply physically impossible.

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After the news of her pregnancy, according to Cecilie Hother passed into with touching greetings to her on social media.

– I have been so touched by all the comments that have come. I put the news up on my Instagram, and so I was for something christmas-tam, and when I came back, there was simply so many sweet messages. I just got tears in my eyes and was so touched by all the messages from people who write and congratulate me.

– It is really wonderful, and I’m just so grateful and happy. It is really nice to know that one can be happy on behalf of others. It is so life-affirming, she says.

– It has been a great relief to share it, and it is as if my stomach has grown a lot in the diameter for the night, because now we can share it, which of course clearly is something mental. So now I don’t have to find all sorts of creative methods to hide it, she says with a smile.

Cecilie Hother and the man Thomas Gregers Honoré are already parents to daughter Ellinor. They expect to be able to welcome the little new for april next year.

For a small month ago, revealed Cecilie Hother, that the two – in secret – had been married.