There were no last-minute surprises at the Junts per Catalunya management meeting. The formation proposes the deputy Anna Erra as a candidate to preside over the Parliament and take over from Laura Borràs, already former president of the Catalan Chamber, in the position of highest institutional rank held by the post-convergent organization, the second authority in Catalonia, which was in a situation interim since last July.

At this afternoon’s meeting, which took place at the JxCat headquarters, the executive has decided that Erra, the acting mayor of Vic, will be the next president of the institution. According to the planned script, on Friday she will be elected by the plenary session of Parliament with the votes of Junts and Esquerra Republicana and the abstention of the CUP.

Erra has been the leader who had the most ballots at all times and was the candidate who advocated the most pragmatic sector of the party. Her name was already sounded within the formation to replace Borràs a year ago, when she announced that she would not aspire to revalidate the mayoralty of the capital of Osona, just after the congress that the formation held in Argelers. In that conclave, the also vice president of the formation was the second leader who added more support, only behind the party’s general secretary, Jordi Turull. She even surpassed the president of the formation, Borràs.

At the meeting of the Junts executive, Erra has arrived together with Borràs, in a sought-after image that has not been the result of chance, although in the previous weeks the president of the formation had avoided showing her support for who will be her replacement.