the snotten promote, since I am going on a visit in Herning. It would FCK the drive home, I thought.

Well then! Since the FCM subsequently signs the FCK ad with a 4-1 victory, so could Claus Steinlein, of course, does not close itself, and I got a proper mess. That’s how it should be.

Now I have one more to Steinlein, as I have sought in vain to get in on the game and put something up for grabs.

The dry he obviously does, so here is my rate:

If FCM wins out over Brøndby in the day, then I go get from my home in Aarhus to Herning, when the FCM takes against AGF in the last Superligakamp in this fall!

I completely lost julesmåkagerne! FCM rumble for the off – and Bolton is no mesterskabskandidat.

Maybe, but we have only the fun, we make ourselves, and I put like my ass in klaskehøjde.

I can easily list all of the FCM’s grades up. Unique in scandinavia because the best goalkeeper, a betonstærk defensive

– and a team that can both play fast along the ground, but also scooping balls in the opposing team’s field, if there is a need for it.

Put a strong bench on top of – and so ought to Brøndby could not stick a spoke in the wheel of central jutland.

FC Midtjyllands Joel Andersson and Brøndbys Lasse Vigen Christensen in the duel. Photo: Jens Dresling

actually believe that Brøndby not only can tease the FCM, but also defeat them, so that’s the way it is:

Brøndby produce chances. The latest from FCK in the Park wading in the chances and can they do it against the FCM, as it is inconceivable that Wilczek and co. will burn just as many as against FCK. Transition from 4-3-3 to 3-5-2 has defensive been a success for Brøndby. Of course, they come often to be with five men in bagkæden, but overall it has given a more solid defensive. Statistics. Brøndby have only lost one of the last 11 League matches at home against FCM. Six wins, four draws and a single defeat. FCM has it so hard at Brøndby Stadium. Audience. Brøndby will be pushed forward by their fabulous fans and is the most scoring team at home. FCM has won 11 out of 15 matches with just a single goal. It does not go well – and I’m still not impressed by FCM’s offensive arsenal, especially Sory Kaba is not the expected målsluger.

Yes, he delivered against FCK, but there are too few and far between snapsene. That is why I am sure that it will not be necessary for me to find travestøvlerne until next Sunday!

stay at Brøndby, so Niels Frederiksen is probably also more for the victory than his colleague Brian Priske.

Brøndby will be pressure on the bronzepladsen of the AGF – and this is the Niels Frederiksen will deliver.

most people can probably live with that Brøndby was poured out of the Europa League by Braga, although the way was embarrassing. On the other hand it is unacceptable that the Brøndby smoke out of the cup with a defeat at home to Jutland.

this is Why Niels Frederiksen – like all of its predecessors in the post – pressure.

Frederiksen will deliver the third place, there is the objective this season and the precondition for Brøndbys already pressed economy.

he Has been a success or failure? The boring answer is neither or.

I li’ Niels Frederiksen. He’s no jumping jack, but speaks straight out of the bag.

The change just do not know, that he will be judged on results – and he can appropriate provide a in the day.

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