In the majority of my life I have been in love with Ghita Nørby. Ago ’Baronessen from the petrol station’ perhaps. Or was it the ‘He, she, Dirch and Dario’?

This healthy, cool beauty with a scent of clean linen and spring flowers and an alluring, sensual undercurrent. For several years I was jealous of Ebbe Langberg – it was probably not the reason.

She has even become more beautiful with age. Regitze, Ingeborg and so on. Not in all the roles she has been likeable, but always compelling.

the Above introduction, I have not wasted many of my scarce mental resources on, as it is a virtually verbatim quote from a portrait of Ghita Nørby, I wrote in 2006.

at the Time, was a Danish theatre førstediva in a violent rage proceeded from The Royal Theatre, while she poured a bredfyldt, verbal skidtspand in addition to the theater’s then-management.

In the year, she led as an overwhelming proof that her temperament has not been less ardent over the years, and that she only been more ruthless towards other people.

Radio24syvs journalist Iben Maria Zeuthen was interviewing Ghita Nørby. She was therefore invited, even if one of the following could get the impression that she came unannounced and was penetrated in divaens home.

the First problem was the size of the Zeuthens microphone:

– You can’t sit with the disgusting microphone up in my face and think that I want to talk with you. Do you really it? I know that I am hard, but do you really believe in it? Complete rude, it is what it is.

Zeuthen offered ceded to switch to a smaller microphone, but it formildede not divaen:

– It is not what it is about, little friend. It is about you. I think, you are deeply insane. Really.

Drawing: Morten Ingemann

And so they went over stock and stone. Here is a pick:

You is only superficial, adorable, looks nice out, is a very sex and beautiful woman … You tell me nothing. You are only in hiding. Where are you? You have absolutely no sense of humor? You are so stupid, you are not allowed to. You are so self-important.

– I can’t take you! I can’t answer to some self-important, idiotic questions! You never go out of your must.

You forget in no time yourself. You will not bid on anything.

– You are not something. Maybe you could give a little drop on you? Maybe you could smile a little more with your eyes? Lifeless and dead.

– You have no idea how life is, Zeuthen, I can’t.

the Session should have lasted for seven hours, but after a few hours it’s over.

When you can be furious over the size of a microphone, so it’s not easy. If the overturned furniture, smashed some windows, or injured a domestic animal, maybe it would be understandable, but it was not.

the Interview aroused some controversy when it was sent, and Ghita Nørby declared according to the

– I think the, that I have almost been raped in this case. So why should I be the hatred, when you should rather say that it was good that I said from?

Divaen can play many roles, but I do not think, in the role of victim is equal to her here.

As to stress that she is so exalted a man, that she has the right to step on others, fremturede Ghita Nørby in DR2’s series ’Jim and Ghita’.

Here dragons Ekstra modediktator Jim Lyngvild and divaen on a roadtrip around the country, and along the way mess with her travelling to. He is bloody stupid dressed, his questions are so stupid, that no people bother to answer them, and so on.

Lyngvild live with it. I think I would be a little tired.

As Ulf Pilgaard said to Ekstra Bladet in a great interview:

– Ghita Nørby? Her I have known in 100 years. She is the common scold, you know, and it should you know, when you will interview her! However, I would never have reacted like her. There is I’m too well-behaved.

You may well be a great artist without having to treat his fellow man like dirt.

Ghita Nørby deserves a cod – but the candidate in the morning is good enough also very strong.

is the ninth bid on, who will be announced as the Ekstra Nytårstorsk 2019.

the game very Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Bille, Anders from ’Married at first sight’, kulturudvalgsformand Lene Pigeon, MF for SF Karsten Hønge, DF leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl, letbanedirektør Michael Borre, prime minister Mette Frederiksen and party leader Rasmus Paludan is already hauled on shore, and there is one more to look forward to. Ago follows a ballot in the newspaper, so you can participate in the decision of who is the biggest cod.

here at the see all of the nominees as they are presented, and the time will also be given the opportunity to vote here.

you’ll be pleased to have done your democratic duty. You can also win great prizes.

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