It annoys the national player Christian Eriksen, he is primarily referred to a reserverolle in Tottenham after managerskiftet from Mauricio Pochettino to José Mourinho.

Fynboen have accumulated a lot of energy, which he would like to make use of the cash machine on the track. It he says in a video interview, which Spillerforeningen have shared on Twitter.

– Right now my goal is to play football. For me it’s about to go out on the field and play and not to sit down and have a look. It’s a little boring to be honest.

– Right now I have lots of energy to play ball with Alfred (eriksen’s son, red.), when I’m not playing.

– It is something different mentally when playing less than you have been accustomed to. I have always had to recover the day after the fight, now I have fresh legs the whole week, it is new, says Eriksen.

His contract with Tottenham expires after the season. Therefore Eriksen in January free to negotiate with other clubs about a contract, applicable from the summer.

Mourinho was hired as the new manager of Tottenham 20. november. Since Tottenham played seven matches across all tournaments, and only a single time is the dane started inside. It was in the paper insignificant away match against Bayern Munich last week in the Champions League.

Mourinho has not seen eriksen’s way too often in Tottenham. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

It is not only on the taktikbrættet that Christian Eriksen has marked change after the managerskiftet.

– Everything is different. There came new people, and the training was different. The rituals within the training and battle have also been different. There are many small things which change.

– Mourinho came in and said that he would not change many things. You can see that he has changed some things quiet and calm. It is hard to get into as a coach in the middle of a season, after Pochettino had been here for five and a half years, says the dane.

He acknowledges that Tottenham have been in need of some inspiration after a generally disappointing fall compared with the recent sæsoners results.

– It is always good for some and worse for others when being changed trainer. As a player, it is about to follow. We are vanemennesker, so we are used to something, but this one is sometimes lulled to sleep by the. Here, there has most likely been need, to get another point of view.

– It was a vexed way, it came to pass, when you consider that we were in a Champions League final six months ago. I do not think that he (Pochettino, red.) or we imagined that he would be fired after, say, Christian Eriksen.

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