In Saudi Arabia, there are unimaginable amounts of money on games these days.

The state-controlled oil company Saudi Aramco selected Wednesday to be listed, and now they have beaten all records. The oil giant sold in the first days of the three billion shares for a value of 57,5 dollars per. pieces.

After a bit of quick mental arithmetic ends up with shares to the value of 172,56 billion. Av for it.

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Saudi Aramco held a ceremony in connection with their ipo on Wednesday. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

It is at the same time, new world record, as the chinese internethandelsgigant Alibaba raised 168,66 billion dollars, when they were listed in 2014.

And already, now is a good time in the free trade, which has meant that the share increased by ten percent alone today.

But if you think that the sums may not be much greater, so you may well think again. With the ipo, the owners of the Saudi Aramco sold 1.5 percent of their company to shareholders.

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A working on a Saudi Aramco-oil facility in the town of Abqaiq. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

And it means that they have a market value of 12,68 trillion dollars, making it the world’s largest business rated at market value.

It is close to the two trillion us dollar, as the saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, dreamed of prior to the ipo.

Number two on the list is Apple, which is 10. december had a market value of 8,05 trillion dollars.

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix