Less than two days after three local citizens in the Gl. Rye at Silkeborg launched a collection for the benefit of the five-year-old boy who was seriously injured in a traffic accident during Halloween, is the money literally flowed into the.

– It is quite overwhelming, splendid, says Henrik Valdorf Rasmussen, who is one of the organisers.

Since the collection for five-year-old Sebbe was announced last Thursday, there are now well over 10,000 dollars into. The exact amount keeps collectors must so far for themselves.

– There has come money from all over the country. I can say that it is well above the 10,000 crowns, says Henrik Valdorf Rasmussen.

She was struck by the blackest accident when he on the evening of 31. October during Halloween was frightened by a mask and in a panic run directly into a passing truck, which could not reach to the brake.

the Accident was close to fatal. The boy was dragged along the asphalt. He is still in the hospital with a bl. a. a complicated bækkenbrud and has all the time had his nearest family around him.

It was a tragic accident, which no one can be loaded, and it went sadly out over Sebbe. Fortunately, he’s out to recover, says Henrik Valdorf Rasmussen.

the Family has had a rough time and need all the support we can provide. In a small town like Gl. Rye we know each other. I think everyone has given a mite.

– We hope that the money can give the family some good experiences and happy moments, for it penetrates the to.

In the course of in Saturday, there was a time so much pressure on fundraising mobilepay-number, to set up yet another number, which is 2384 4196.

the Collection is approved by the Indsamlingsnævnet and cleared of tax purposes. The money goes to Sebbe and his family.

the Extra Leaf has been given the green light by the family to bring photos of Sebbe, but in addition, they do not want to comment.