When Jennifer Aniston on Monday night last week greeted his ex-husband Brad Pitt went to the social media completely crazy with allusions to the couple perhaps is to find together again.

Intl. known – 20. jan. 2020 – pm. 08:52 the Fans will not believe their own eyes: Going CRAZY over the images

But there were also two other very small details that got the net to cook just as much. Jennifer Aniston met up for prisfesten CASE-Awards in a beautiful white dress without bra.

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Jennifer Aniston in her beautiful white dress that highlights the two small details. (Photo: Ritzau Scanpix)

Here won Jennifer a prestigious award for her role in the tv series ‘The Morning Show’, but even if it is 20 years since she last won a price in the CASE of Awards for her role as Rachel in the tv series ‘Friends’, concentrated, the people on Twiiter almost exclusively on two quite small details, namely Jennifer Anistons visible nipples under the dress.

Intl. well-known – 6. jan. 2020 – pm. 10:52 the internet goes crazy over Jennifer Aniston-reaction to an award ceremony

It is recognised filmmagasin The Hollywood Reporter put a video out on Twitter with Jennifer Anistons touching acceptance speech. But in the comments yesterday users completely crazy over jennifer’s two small details on the inside of the dress.

Nipples is called in English the ‘nipples’, and the words appear in the vast majority of comments, there are also several times is peppered with memes.

A woman by the name Janela wrote the following:

‘Maybe tried Jennifer Aniston to lure Brad Pitt back in the fold with his white dress, not leaving much to the imagination with her stiff nipples.

another woman wrote the following:

‘the Nipple cover. Really. She owns the headlamps. Away with the long light, if it is not pointing down towards the ground. God gave them to us.’

Jess Edgeley wrote the following:

‘All of the comments about her nipples is ridiculous. It is her choice, if she does not want to go with the bra. I mean wow. I hope my tits look as good when I am 50 years old. She is a great actress and has worked hard through the years. It was what should be in focus.