the Singer, Oh Land was brought out even more than plain in the centre, when she on Saturday night had to make the crucial decisions in ‘the X Factor’s first ‘5 Chair Challenge’.

in Particular, the chaos around the partially-sighted John, who was first thrown out and then retrieved back to the application, have brought the minds of the boil at Tv2 viewers.

They are also furious that the 50-year-old Michael went out on that sounds too much like Kim Larsen, when now Oh Country had called on him to sing a number of just Kim Larsen.

And it is not nice words Tv2 Facebook users have about Oh Land for her choice, which means that Nicklas Mietke, John Obhasa P., Clausen, Ilona Mihaela Artene, Kaspar ’Kali’ Andersen and Elina Sutinen are with the far in talentshowet, while Michael is out.

Film, tv & radio – 25. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:20 Rage of Oh Country: – This is something damn mess!

‘Throw oh land, she destroyed the X-factor last year and started again in the year’, writes Henrik Bøgild Madsen, among others.

the Same message comes from Mikkel Some:

‘Oh Land does not belong in the program, she seems too unprofessional. Well she kept John, but to throw Michael out such is good enough for fun’, he writes.

‘Think her chair should be switched out, Oh Land’, think Anette Knudsen and Betina Broberg Svendsen votes in:

‘simply do not Understand how she can be the judge’.

Film, tv & radio – 25. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:14 Oh Land in big blunder: so you don’t on tv

And more join in the chorus of kritikkere. Among the other Christina Malinda Olsen.

‘I thought the fact that it is becoming very ugly and not at all entertaining!! And yes I agree that a second write (and many more) – Oh land should not have a chair!! Sorry.’

Erna Bente Jensen calls the straight forward singer of degrading.

‘She is not competent enough to, and be the judge, out with her though so degrading you are not allowed to treat someone’.

Morten Francis has tightened the rhetoric.

‘She’s not a damn thing worth. (Øhhhhhland) Goose’, he writes.

Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with Oh Land, but she does not want to comment on the criticism.

Danish well-known – 25. jan. 2020 – pm. 12:25 Opens up about the stress: – Had to pull the plug