There is a need for a choice in Iraq and a stop to the violence, which has claimed several hundred demonstrators life.

The typing of The White House in a press release.

– The iraqi government must put an end to violence against protesters and complete president Saleh’s promise of electoral reform and an early election, is standing there.

– the UNITED states is seriously concerned about the continuing attacks against demonstrators, borgerrettighedsaktivister and the media, as well as the restriction of internet access in Iraq.

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The latest figures from the iraqi parliament’s human rights commission shows that at least 319 people have lost their lives.

And on Sunday lost three demonstrators of his life, as they were shot in southern Iraq by government forces.

In a number of large demonstrations have called for fundamental reforms in the country.

The violent protests started about a month ago.

Especially young iraqis, have been on the streets in the capital Baghdad and southern Iraq to protest against corruption, lack of work and poor access to basic services like water and electricity.

the Demonstrations have evolved with the demands for the resignation of the government, dissolution of parliament and a change in the political system, which was introduced after the amerikanskledede invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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Iraq’s government under severe pressure, promised extensive reforms in an attempt to soothe the anger in the population.

In a joint statement from the president Barham Salih, prime minister Adel Abdel-Mahdi and president Mohammed al-Halbousi promised the government Sunday to fight corruption and to work for electoral reform.

It is these promises that the UNITED states now calls on the government to act on.

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in Addition to the attention-grabbing statement that you support the iranian protesters, the u.s. president Donald Trump, by the same token with a call to the government of Iran.

‘If Iran is able to deliver the kidnapped, former american FBI agent Robert A. Levinson, who has been missing for 12 years, it would be a very positive step. At the same time with the information and the faith we have, and Iran started to enrich uranium. THE VLLE BE A VERY BAD STEP,’ writes president thus.

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Levinson vanished 9. in march 2007, and the u.s. government believes that it is Iran, which keeps on hostage.

the Last picture we saw of him, came forward in 2012, where he was photographed in an orange fangedragt with a sign in hand, when he asked for help.

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