temporary workers accounted for the goals, when Horsens finally was rewarded and downloaded all three points.

The yellow won earned a quite entertaining naboslag with 2-1, since the Rune Frantsen and Peter Therkildsen struck against a nicely said generously Silkeborg-defense.

It was a ’kålhøgen’ Bo Henriksen, who afterwards would have a pat or two on the shoulder to have found two attackers from the drawer in the absence of the two usual frontrunners, Nicolai Brock-Madsen and Jannik Pohl.

– Rune Frantsen will even prefer not to play in the attack, and he did it only for the team’s sake, told Bo Henriksen.

Nordjyden, which usually thrive best as a right-back, was todays man with both a goal and the outline for the second Horsens goal.

the Victory, which, incidentally, was the Horsens victory no. 100 in the premier League, were in and of themselves, even though Horsens had to go through a gyserafslutning.

Reservemålmand Matej Delac pulled a klasseredning up in the last seconds, when Robert Gertsen got a hovedstødsmulighed.

It was two battle villains, who was involved, and while Matej Delac was forgiven a huge drop, got your Robert Gertsen not rescued the credit.

– How is the football great, when the villain ends up with a drømmeredning, said a ardently happy Bo Henriksen.

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