no, no, No.

In the button to 40,000 foot altitude began sweating, to whip down the back of the 48-year-old Hanne Nielsen from Fredericia, denmark.

She was 13. december, along with her friend in time to fill in visa applications to the holiday destination Egypt, when she discovered that she by mistake had brought his son, patrick’s, passport.

I wiped frantically my bag to find my own passport, but no. I panikkede, was a bit poor, got hurt in the stomach. I had really kvajet me, and I was of course very unhappy, she says.

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The slender hope of a nice sunny venindetur crashed conclusively in the gravel in the passport control in the airport near the resort of Hurghada, where the wake border officers resolutely refused her half-hearted attempts to charm themselves through passport control on his son’s passport.

– I was going home. The ushers told that if they could get me on a plane to Denmark on the same day, I had to spend the night in detentionen.

– It was certainly not a comfortable thought. I would home.

she came, and it went quickly.

Hanne Nielsen quickly took leave of her friend, before she was photographed as a forbryderalbum and in the great haste of the four cops deported up on a plane back to Denmark.

It was a long trip home, but fortunately, her friend only to get bored alone in two days on a sun lounger, before Hanne had bought a new ticket and stood in Hurghada with a sunscreen and their own passports.

– But the worry is still that they are in London apparently don’t have a clue who travel into and out of the country in these terrortider, she says.

Inspector: We lie down flat and regrets

– It has happened that must not happen, so we lie down flat and regrets. Already when the woman came back from Hurghada enjoined, we are to the employees that this was totally unacceptable. It is here, we hope certainly not be repeated, says inspector Michael Weiss from Sydøstjyllands Police.

Hanne Nielsen, who does not want to appear with the picture in this article says that she is short-haired, like her 20-year-old son Patrick Fisker Hansen, that has not fallen far from the trunk.

But it is no excuse for the police, that mother and son may be confused on the look, says Michael Weiss

– the Verification of a travel document should not only happen by looking at a pasbillede. For example, the name and social security number is also checked in the check – in and checks.

– It is incredibly regrettable for the citizen, that we did not discover that she is traveling on the wrong document and is returned from Egypt, says politiinspektøren – as regret itself.

– Anyone can put themselves into, that, by a mistake bringing the wrong passport. What irks me, is that the problem could have been solved in the passport control in Denmark. There could be issued a temporary passport, or you had been able to obtain the passport.

Lufthavnschef: the Security of the order

René Hoegh, director of the ground handling in London heathrow Airport, stressing that there is always the passengers ‘ responsibility to bring their own passport.

– We need to check your boarding card against identity details, and we will not get to help our guest to discover the error. It is brandærgerligt, because she could have avoided a pointless trip to Hurghada, says René Hoegh.

– We have over for our staff highlighted the importance of conducting a thorough documentary, he promises.

– It is important to stress that the safety of aircraft was not brought into play, for all people and all luggage was screened in security before they were allowed access to the plane.

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