The PSOE has reported to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office the deputy mayor of Casares de las Hurdes and candidate number 2 on the popular list for the municipal elections on May 28 in that constituency for coercing several voters and subtracting the vote by mail from two neighbors.

The complaint was filed on May 17 by the deputy of the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Assembly of Extremadura Eduardo Béjar, who was mayor of Casar de Palomero between 1999 and 2007, and president of the local action group ADIC-Hurdes, between 2003 and 2004. This is a complaint against Miguel Ángel Domínguez Duarte, current councilor and deputy mayor of the aforementioned Hurdano municipality, according to the letter of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office to which EFE has had access.

That letter reflects that the facts refer to the fact that “the defendant has coerced several voters to vote in favor of his party and has gone to the home of Marwin Saúl Ramírez López”, a resident of the town of Vegas de Coria, “asking that give him the mail-in ballot he had received that morning”.

In addition, the complaint filed by the PSOE deputy states that Marwin Saúl Ramírez “was not at his home, but the defendant entered the house and took his vote, as well as the vote of his cousin, who was in the living place”. In this way, “the affected voters could not vote either by mail or in person, if the accused used it in her favor.”

According to the letter signed by the provincial chief prosecutor, Marta Abellán, the facts, “in principle and without prejudice to a further more refined classification, have the characteristics of a crime of coercion of article 172 of the Penal Code (CP) as a means to commit a crime for violation of the procedures for voting by mail in article 141 of the General Electoral Organic Law”. Something that is punishable with prison terms of 3 months to a year or a fine of 6 to 24 months.

The events denounced occurred in the Hurdana town of Vegas de Coria, belonging to the Plasencia Judicial Party, for which reason the provincial chief prosecutor has forwarded the proceedings to the Plasencia Territorial Section, “because it is territorially competent to hear the facts denounced”.