Lamine Yamal will not go to the Olympics. Only in the European Cup. In the always emotional Barcelona has also learned from situations experienced previously with players like Pedri, who played everything in his first season with Blaugrana and then suffered several muscle injuries. Lamine Yamal also wants to remove the pressure that other pearls of the Masia like Ansu Fati have experienced. Protecting the youngest, training them and taking care of them is a subject that the Barcelona club, immersed in a complicated reconstruction process, is passing with flying colors.

The bet for young people is firm. They are accompanied by ex-footballer Bojan Krkic, someone who knows well how difficult it is to be a promise with high expectations. Also the sports management with Deco. And the coach, Xavi Hernández. They all spoke to Lamine to convince him that he will have many options to participate in major sporting events if he takes care and dose. The goal is to enjoy a long and successful career. Lamine heard them, he understood and so did his surroundings.

The other part needed to be worked on. That of offices with the Federation. Xavi spoke with Francis Hernández, general coordinator of the lower categories of the RFEF, and with his deputy, Tito Blanco. No one is compensated for exhausting a footballer who is training at the speed of light. It also helps that Francis Hernandez and Tito Blanco know Lamine Yamal well. They were two key figures in August when they traveled to Barcelona to convince him that his future was with the Spanish national team. His family always supported him in this decision. One thing is the roots – Yamal is the son of a Moroccan father and a mother from Equatorial Guinea. And another is the origins, which in his case are in the humble neighborhood of Rocafonda (Mataró), which he visits frequently when he has free time. And it’s that Lamine Yamal, who will be 17 years old on July 13, lives in the farmhouse. And he continues to study in the educational framework of the Blaugrana residence. He renewed in October until 2026, which is the maximum allowed by law due to his age. The termination clause shot up to 1 billion.

When he reaches the age of 18, the club will be able to offer him a contract until 2030. The commitment is already reflected in the renewal, although those around him warn that the financial terms will need to be reviewed. Lamine Yamal, represented by Jorge Mendes, has become a candy for the market. His market value has gone from 60 to 75 million euros in the last update of the specialized portal Transfermarkt. His surroundings do not hide that PSG has already presented itself with an offer of 250 million euros. But the young winger doesn’t see any other color than Blaugrana. And for Barça he, Cubarsí and Ter Stegen are non-transferable. In a second step, and only in the case of exorbitant offers that are almost impossible, there are footballers such as Pedri or Fermín. With the rest, anything is possible. As for the coming season, everything points to Lamine continuing to play with the number 27. If nothing changes, he will be registered with the subsidiary’s file due to the passed financial fair play, which leaves almost no room for manoeuvre.