The lack of checkbooks in the Badalona Urban Police offices has prevented the processing of complaints throughout this morning, although the city council, which has described this circumstance as “specific”, has assured that it has already corrected it this afternoon.

The Local Police Union PSU has echoed the problem through the social network

“If someone needs to file a complaint, they should go to the Mossos d’Esquadra, since the Guardia Urbana will not be able to take it: there is no paper, just like in the rest of the municipal offices. We also do not have complaint stubs,” the message stated.

Sources from the Badalona City Council have explained that this situation has been a “specific” event, and that the police departments already had new complaint forms this afternoon.

For its part, the socialist municipal group has echoed the situation by highlighting that this Wednesday complaints could not be filed at the police station because the forms had been exhausted and the council had not processed a new request.

The leader of the PSC in Badalona, ​​Fernando Carrera, has stressed in air conditioning in the police station.”