A pligtsejr over Russia in a match of no importance does not change the overall impression. Enough, there is no reason to put the Danish handball in the grave, but the last week in Malmö, sweden, has been a sad affair. And then comes the top of women’s debacle at the WORLD cup in Japan in december.

months in the håndboldhistorien, and just old is Nikolaj Jacobsen and his troops, the downfall of EM. Thursday morning, the sneaking home of the Sound for the slightest slutrunderesultat in 15 years and the worst at a european championship ever.

is thus defending the OLYMPIC games and the WORLD cup-guldvindere. I get quite hurt by the many thousands of Danish spectators who have purchased tickets to the mellemrundekampene from on Friday. Denmark is not there. When it is said, there is also reason to storrose the many thousands of Danish fans, who were present in the arena on Wednesday night to fight against Russia. The fans did not fail. It was high class.

against Russia, Denmark was still a glimmer of hope to be able to progress to the mellemrunden. It would have demanded that Iceland beat Hungary, but the task solved our north atlantic friends. Iceland got otherwise a fine start and led 12-9 at the break, but the team went down in the second half, and ended up losing clearly to a Hungarian team, who only let themselves impress by.

is also quite wild, to the Danish world champions could put themselves in a situation where they could not even determine their journey in the tournament. Denmark had the ability to win over both Iceland and Hungary, but managed not to use the sequences, where the vital shock needed to be deployed.

very unlike what we saw a year ago at the WORLD cup, where the team with surgical precision utilized any baring at the opponents. It requires a vigorous evaluation, when you have to find the explanation as to why one can go from gold to oblivion in just one year.

there are however happened in the minds of the players, since they for just a week and a half ago lowered both Norway and France at the Golden League tournament in Metz and Paris? There is in the Danish camp was a lot of talk about the new EM structure, where only two teams – against the previous three – moving on to mellemrunden. It has created nervousness for a number of the Danish players.

has apparently set itself on both the game and holding the attitude. Against either Iceland, Hungary, or in so far as Russia, we saw a Danish team with lots of mood, pace and good team handball school sets. All that excited about a whole håndboldverden a year ago, was pist off in Malmö.

we have been witnesses to a rædselsrække of technical errors, burned kæmpechancer and uninspired and painfully slow attacking. This was how it was against Russia. Just asked a single man appeared in front of tremeteren went to the Danish game in the stand. On flat feet was the players and were looking for solutions. They found them only rarely. First, when Denmark played seven to six after the break, came a bit cut of the game. But unfortunately, too late.

Handball – 15. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:58 Miserably – historical call result

Handball – 15. jan. 2020 – pm. 19:45 No help: Denmark out of EM!

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