The life-threatening coronavirus (nCoV) have come to France, where two persons are found to be contaminated.

The typing of the French nyhedsbereau AFP.

The two cases of the corona virus is found in Bordeaux and Paris, tells the French health minister, Agn├Ęs Buzyn, according to Reuters.

According to the French media Le Monde is a 48-year-old French man of chinese origin, who have been infected with the coronavirus.

France is the first country in Europe which is being hit by the deadly virus that already has claimed the lives of 26 persons life. In addition, over 800 people have been found infected with the coronavirus.

Previously a number of persons otherwise examined for coronavirus in Scotland. However, it turned out that the country in the first place had gone clear of the dangerous virus.

already have coronavirussen affected a number of countries, and already at least ten countries have been affected by the mysterious virus, which is spreading further.

On the list of countries where the virus is rife, counts among others, the USA, south Korea, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

Coronaviruses are a dangerous lung disease that is in the family with fork├Şlelsessygdommen sars.

The first case of coronavirus was found in China in the city of Wuhan, which has over 11 million inhabitants. It is supposed still that the virus originated from a skaldyrsmarked in the chinese metropolis.