MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): Goodbye and thank you. Hejdå Denmark!

It may well be that the Danish krone is strong in Sweden. But the Danish national team was not worth much on the other side of the Bridge.

The reigning world champions are out of the tournament before it really got started. There is no need for more bills. Mellemrunden is a thing of the past.

the Island could not defeat Hungary, and so was the Danish victory over Russia is of no importance.

– It is crazy that that can happen so much in 12 months, for after all, we are not the worse players. It is one of the biggest disappointments. I had not in my wildest dreams imagined that we were to stand here and be out after three matches, says René Toft Hansen.

He could not know the national team, who provided the magnificent attacking in the Golden League a few days ago and sent France to the count in style. Now go Denmark the same way as Le Bleus. Out in the darkness.

– I am embarrassed and ashamed that we are out already now. I will not hide from you. It is a big disappointment. In my wildest imagination I had not expected this. Perhaps we could have been passed with zero points. It was the wildest scenario I could imagine. But we are and is out, even before we play the last match … It is embarrassing and embarrassing, says Toft Hansen.

He must now return to Portugal and Benfica. Long before expected. But can he and teammates to thank themselves for. For the game never got to hang together in Malmö.

– For me it’s difficult right now to put into words, what made the difference. But it is angrebsmæssigt that we made too many mistakes. Especially Hungary-the fight can I be the hive up. I have not seen the statistics from the fight, but we make so many technical errors.

The combination provides the rare medals. This time gave it not a mellemrunde.

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Handball – 15. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:58 Miserably – historical call result