The 29-year-old man, who Thursday was made of a grundlovsforhør for dobbeltlukkede doors in Odense, will be held in custody for four weeks until 9. January 2020. It writes B. T.

the Man concerned the decision to The high Court.

the Imprisonment of the man in relation to Wednesday’s antiterroraktion.

It informs The Police.

Grundlovsforhøret going dobbeltlukkede doors. It has a judge decided according to B. T. and DR News.

It means that the public can’t get something to know about the charges. But it has been reported that the resultant is a man, and that the hearing arises out of yesterday’s action.

It is not known why the prosecutor has demanded dobbeltlukkede doors, when eight persons almost simultaneously being produced in Copenhagen, where the doors only closed.

Here, the public must like to get the charge to know.

According to B. T.’s case in the courtroom in Odense relation to a farm on the island of Funen, where Wednesday was made a search.

the Background for the large action is a suspicion that a number of gerningspersoner has been in the process of planning a terrorist attack.

a total Of 21 was on Wednesday arrested in order to procure the ‘paraphernalia’, as the police call it, to produce explosives and attempts to procure firearms.

The seven involved police districts Copenhagen, denmark, Copenhagen Perform, the Middle – and west zealand, Funen, Middle – and west Jutland, east Jutland and north Jutland.

the Background of the action is a suspicion that a terrorist attack with a ‘militant, islamist motive’ was being prepared, informed the Flemming Case, the operational head of the Police Intelligence service (PET), at a press conference Wednesday.

the Crime Here is the accused, in terrorsagen

See the seven major terrorsager, who failed in Denmark. Editing: Morten Parsner