Ahead of a meeting with the general, rasmussen, Morten Bødskov (S) on Monday will now get a helping hand from one of the major players in the gaming business.

In 2020 the number of tv ads from Unibet and Maria Casino namely reduced by 30 percent compared to today. It informs the Kindred Group which owns the two websites, in a press release.

the Decision is taken after a long debate on the spilfirmaernes reklameaftryk on the tv.

– We recognise the public debate and the call that we, as game companies take responsibility for the high volume of tv commercials.

– We do not believe that advertising bans are the right solution. But we recognize that the time has now come that we as a profession stop and screws down significantly for reklametrykket, says Kim Olesen, general manager at the Kindred Group Denmark in the message.

In an interview with the stock market on Monday heralds, Morten Bødskov, a showdown with the games industry. In the government’s eyes is the industry take advantage of for high.

– We need to have a much better regulation of the spilmarkedet in Denmark. The industry has sent signals that they would be reluctant. They have not delivered properly on, he says to the stock Exchange.

He still believes that there is a need for stronger rules, even if one of spilaktørerne shows decisiveness. According to the Bødskov, it is not only tv advertising, which is charged with the tighter rules.

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the Minister will also look at advertising in other media, including advertising on the internet.

Kindred Group hopes that other players in the gaming business following with fewer advertisements.

– It is clear that if we are really going to move something, we must have everyone on board, says Kim Olesen.

He particularly urges the Danish Games to follow suit. According to the Kindred Group fills the Danish Game commercials on tv about four times more in reklameblokkene than Kindreds of the Group.

To the stock Exchange informs the Danish Game, that the group take advantage of have already been on the decline.

In the spring brings together the minister should political parties to legislate in this area.

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