The contestants of Survivientes 2024 have already arrived in Honduras and in a few hours, from ten o’clock at night on Telecinco, they will jump from the helicopter to begin an isolated survival in the paradisiacal Cayos Cochinos and try to get the final prize of 200,000 euros.

The new batch is again nourished mainly by popular faces in the Mediaset universe, such as Carmen Borrego and contestants from other realities of the chain, such as Aurah Ruiz ( Mujeres y hombres y viceversa ) and Claudia Martínez and Mario González (couple born from The Island of Temptations).

The reality shows expand to the presence of firefighter Rubén Torres ( and windsurfer Blanca Manchón ( Traitors España , HBO Max). Talent contest participants also arrive, such as Miri Pérez-Cabrero ( MasterChef , La 1) and Gorka Ibarguren (The Conqueror, The 1).

One of the contestants who have caused the most anticipation is Ángel Cristo jr., who, after years of silence, seems to have taken a permanent step forward to become a regular in the Mediaset universe since appearing in De Friday with explosive statements.

Veteran faces from television will also participate who will experience a new adventure in their careers. These are the cases of Pedro García Aguado, the water polo player who became popular with Hermano mayor; Rocío Madrid, one of the most iconic contributors to Crónicas Marcianas, and Arantxa del Sol, who returns to television after a few years of absence.

Guti’s daughter, Zayra Gutiérrez, debuts in Survivors without television experience; the ex-husband of Elena Tablada, Javier Ungría, and the celebrity hairdresser, Lorena Morlote. Rounding out the list of 17 participants is the rapper Arkano, who has participated in several RTVE spaces, but never in one of these characteristics.

The new edition of Supervivientes will once again feature, after several months of doubt, Jorge Javier Vázquez as presenter of the Thursday galas. It will be his return to television after the cancellation of Cuentos chinos, with which he wanted to leave Sálvame behind. Laura Madrueño will continue to be in charge of the connections from the island to Honduras.

Carlos Sobera repeats as host of Tierra de nadie on Tuesdays, and Sandra Barneda returns to the Sunday debates in Conexión Honduras, to take over from Ion Aramendi, who does not repeat, given that he will be the presenter of the new edition of Factor X.