MELBOURNE (Ekstra Bladet): If it is possible to be frustrated, sad and pretty happy on behalf of another person, in one and the same moment, it was shown how I had it at the Melbourne Arena on Friday afternoon.

down on the field stood the man Caroline Wozniacki and showed high class. The thin-skinned on the feelings, but with lots of dignity and its incomparable ability to be able to laugh a little at themselves. And was looking forward to the next chapter.

The high class had tennisspilleren Wozniacki frankly not completely shown in the prior few hours. There, the opponent was too sharp and erratic and she even for passive.

It had to turn fighter Caroline. Which, in spite of the veil in both thought and ketsjerarm was hanging to the last.

And, as such, stamped her out – the girl who always ’took one ball at a time’ – by, as she herself noted it, is to turn its never skamroste advance down the track.

But she did it all with a big heart. And himself in the keep.

A little girl made a tennisdrøm and got it to come true, despite the Danish amatørisme. Photo: Jakob Carlsen
Both on the field and at the press conference she smiled through the tears, was happy and proud. After the work done in the tens of thousands of hours. On the training maps as in the gym.

And when the blonde workaholic had packed ketsjertasken, featured, she, indeed, that it was more important for her to be recognized as the person than as a tennis player.

Respect for it.

I have had the pleasure to follow the development of both the man as a player through 18 years. Seen her fight with unfair criticism, not-so-brave tastaturkrigere and runaway grooms. Seen her rise again and again.

I have been witness to a discipline and dedication that badly lets itself describe.

And I have seen her being rewarded over a few golden months with victory in both the sæsonfinale as the grand slam.

Caroline got the ultimate reward for all his toil, when she in 2018 won the Austrailan Open and let the plug from the jump. Photo: Dita Alangkara/AP/Ritzau Scanpix
Caroline, who even appears very genuine and abhor the fake and the pretence, has had a difficult time with the critics. Especially with those who were not prepared to criticize.

there have been a part of in the Jante-Denmark, which is so far from any tennisnation.

Perhaps she could have done a little more in order to have a good contact to the danes.

Maybe she could – in spite of the lack of call perspectives – have priority to the Fed Cup a little higher than the well-paid showkampe, and perhaps she could have established a somewhat closer relationship to the danes.

But tennis is a great, global sport, and Caroline has long lived a life as a world citizen and an elite athlete on the top shelf.

Caroline raised her love to Denmark after his last battle. photo: Edgar Su/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix
She grew up is certainly not big in the power of the French tennis know-how, but in spite of the Danish amatørisme. She and Piotr had to leave a spoiled environment with more rygklappere and inept leaders than competent ketsjerfolk with an international vision.

these days she can happily enjoy the recognition at the international level.

From the rivals, who are always on the annoying show got a ball more back, to a rare tribute from the three tenors – Federer, Nadal and Djokovic – which very rarely shelves a female colleague so unreservedly.

caroline’s legacy is of a more or less objective reasons have been discussed.

Seen in a Danish perspective, she has been great. Well one of the greatest ever.

Seen from an international tennisplatform you can rather easily find shades.

Caroline and Piotr have shared an adventurous journey, but it was not based in the Danish tennismiljø. Photo: Edgar Su/Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix
Caroline had even mentioned it in his introductory press conference, when she with Kim Clijsters impending comeback as indgangstema was asked for the sport’s development over the past seven years.

She pointed, to the young generation, now put a greater strain on the older, thus constantly raising the level, and that everyone was now physically fitte.

There is no doubt that caroline’s amazing physics gave her a marked advantage in the early years, where she captured first place and kept it for a long time. The opponents did not believe they could beat her – and certainly not in three sets.

It is also true that she then had a backhand in the world, while other facets of the game – mainly the advance games and andenserv – catching something after.

Caroline was forced to take a step in his development and move out of his comfort zone, than there was a year, where she got her take from the training converted to battle. ’Wozniacki 2.0’ came on first during the US Open in 2016, to which she arrived as ranglistens number 74.

much has been said about the famous grand slam, she so long was missing in the collection. I don’t belong to them, that would have demoted her career tremendously without it, but it was fine, she got it towed home, while time was, in an ever tougher competitive environment.

And that it happened in a game worth seeing the finale, where she, at the same time pushed the world number one from the throne, gave her career the golden stamp, which makes Caroline Wozniacki for a large, international tennis champion.

She has written a piece idrætshistorie without Danish counterpart in a worldwide sport, that absolutely is the greatest on the female lines.

And she has done it both as a player, fighter and a human being.

Thank you for an adventurous journey.

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