In 2019 were made 34.582 killings in Mexico. It is the highest since the authorities began to make a unified statement over the killing in 1997.

most of The killings took place in June, where nearly 3000 people were killed.

It shows the official statistics, which was published on Monday local time. On average, 95 people were killed per day in Mexico last year.

It is not apparent from the figures how many of the cases that are associated with organized crime.

The left-wing mexican president, Lopez Obrador, who was elected in 2018, struggling to rein in the violent crime, which is largely related to Mexico’s drug cartels and other criminal gangs.

He was largely chosen because he had a plan to combat the numerous killings, but despite several arrests is not managed.

the Number of people killed in Mexico has been high since 2006, when the then president, Felipe Calderon, launched a military offensive against the country’s drug cartels.

It was the number of killings to explode. Since that time almost 275.000 people have been killed. 30,000 have disappeared without a trace.

2018 was the most formidable years in Mexico’s history with more than 29.111 killed. This figure includes all killings, including those that are not drug-related.

Drabsantallet for 2019 is, thus, increased by 2.5 percent.

Mexican drug cartels earn between 120 and 190 billion dollars annually on narkosalg in the UNITED states.