Viewers could last years speechless see, when Michael Sommer and Christina Arenholdt Nielsen participated in the ‘Married at first sight’ and delivered one of the most insane rides at, you have seen on Danish tv.

First, the couple were smaskforelskede and called each other ‘tax’ and ‘taxes’ in one away. ‘I love you’ was said already on the subsequent honeymoon, but shortly after occurred the downturn.

‘Tax’ was replaced by bickering. The marriage did not last, but before they went each to his, was Christina pregnant and had to get an abortion.

In december could 28-year-old Michael reveal that he had found love again, and to Reality Awards this month, they arrived at the hand in hand on the red carpet.

Michael will not yet reveal, where he met the 25-year-old Maria, but there is no doubt that they are smaskforelskede.

flash – 5. oct. 2019 – at. 09:12 ‘Married at first sight’-Henriette: – It was not very fun

They have now almost two months into the relationship decided to take a big step together.

– Maria has moved in with me in my house with his family.. It is perhaps a little quickly, but it is mega-nice. You may as well just jump into it, when it feels right. I lived alone before, and she lived with her parents in Kalundborg, denmark. So we just thought that we could just as well be doing it now where we are happy for each other, tells Michael to Ekstra Bladet.

It is clear to see that there is a woman who has moved in with Michael. Private

– She has change the house to a true Barbie-princess-home. It is also fine enough, if it does, she feels at home. I feel like I was still at home, but it may well be that we slightly change the style along the way, if it gets too girly for me. I had not, however, a sofa arrangement before, because I threw it out, back when Christina moved in, so on the way, it was nice that Maria had something with, he continues.

Maria has taken the sofa-the arrangement from his shop in Borup. Private

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Not only that Maria has moved into the Michael two additional residents have also moved into the house. It was, however, something Michael had been very skeptical about.

I have never been kattemenneske, and she has two cats. I told her that I was not so happy that the cats came with, but I agreed to give it a chance, and now I can really very much liked them. They are cute enough, says Michael, who tells that the pair stick to the cats instead of real children so far.

The two cats feel very much at home in the house. Private

– We should at least get married before we have a child together. I would like to. However, I have not just delivered yet, but I’m a very spontaneous person, so all of a sudden, I do it enough one day where I just feel for it. However, I have no deadline in relation to when I’d like it to happen, he explains.

Michael becomes, before long, the current in ‘Ex on the Beach’. Wonder if it can be here, he and Maria and have met each other? Private

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