the Economy of Brøndby IF has it tight, and it is therefore particularly important that the money spent is spent wisely.

It makes the many money that goes to the Ante Ercegs wage, certainly not.

The Croatian striker does not play Brøndby IF, and it he has not done in some time. Therefore, it has long pulled up to a divorce, but it failed in the summer transfervindue. Now stands a new transfervindue for the door, and there has already been written about that Ercegs former club Hajduk Split want him back.

Now commenting on the Brøndby-player although his future in an interview with the Croatian media Dalmatinski Portal.

– There was contact (with Hajduk Split, red.) in the summer, and now, the situation is that it depends on the clubs. If Hajduk will have me, I will glad to back, but the agreement depends to a high degree of Hajduk and Brøndby, says Ante Erceg to the media.

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Ante Erceg (very tv.) have never gotten made a name for himself in the Brøndby. It now looks like it that the trip goes against Hadjuk Split, where he was picked up Photo: Jens Dresling

He tells that he of course is disappointed that it does not get more playing time at Brøndby IF.

– It is a long story, but we have had two coaches and three sportsdirektører, ago I came. I train hard, but there have been some things that have affected my situation. Them I can’t talk about now. Apart from that, I’m not playing, all is well here in Denmark, and I’m not going all sorts of places to rent. Hajduk is an option, but there are many places that don’t appeal to me any longer, says Erceg.

Brøndby striker turned 30 last Thursday, and he has two-a-half years left of his contract with the blue-and-yellow. In 23 League matches it has been for four scores for the kroaten, who this season have only been on the pitch for 17 minutes in the league.

Ante Erceg came to Brøndby IF on a free transfer from Shabab Dubai in the summer of 2018.

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