There was laid up for the big gala night, since Wednesday evening, was held ” movie premiere gala at the new ‘Clown’-the film ‘the Clown – The Final’ at the Bremen Theatre in Copenhagen, where it is flocked with celebrities on the red carpet.

And, of course, arrived the two main characters, Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam, also with the style of the evening’s occasion.

30 minutes before the movie started, rolled a brown bus in front of the Bremen Theatre and parked.

Out at the rose four dragqueens, followed by a smiling Casper Christensen and grinning Frank Hvam.

– here we are fucking, cried Casper with a laugh.

And just the hallway, there was a special reason for that.

– to see the movie. It is clear. There is a scene in the film, which is quite identical to what happens when we arrive. We arrive in a bus full with drags and is in a tuxedo, and both things have a big importance in this film. I will not reveal too much, but it’s colorful, and it is a little racy and on the way, this is the perfect intro, said Casper Christensen to the attendees of the press and continued:

– We do a lot of it, because we must do something fun, he said further.

See pictures from the wild arrival including:

Casper and Frank, along with the rest of the team in front of the Bremen. Photo: Jonas Olufson

Photo credit: Jonas Olufson

Photo credit: Jonas Olufson

Photo credit: Jonas Olufson

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– The (dragqueens, red.) in the film, and it is some very talented show-people, said Frank Hvam on.

‘Clown – The Final’, which is set to premiere in the cinema over the country on Thursday, becoming the last in the series of ‘the Clown’film, which now counts three pieces.

And if you ask Casper and Frank even is it the absolutely perfect ending.

– It is really fine that this is the last film. We are really happy for it, and we have had a party, and it has been a good end. We are super excited and we are really pleased that people have bothered to look at us in such a long time, said Casper Christensen.

– Now we will not press the danes more. Now they must be allowed to relax a little. It is the best movie we’ve made until now. We can just feel inside that it is really good, and that it is better than the other. It is also the response we are hearing from everywhere. We hit it, he added.

Less may well not make it. Photo: Jonas Olufson

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