The parliamentary group of Sumar registered yesterday in the Congress of Deputies a bill to “completely repeal” the law on Citizen Security, known as the one that the PP promoted in 2014 to, among other reasons, stop the unleashed street activism from 2011 onwards.

The formation led by Yolanda Díaz wants to use in its favor the desire for “democratic regeneration” – expressed by Pedro Sánchez after the five-day reflection period he took to decide on his continuity at the head of the Spanish Government – and has returned to remove the consensus opinion of the previous legislature by the forces of the majority of the investiture. An agreement that fell at the last minute in the Justice committee due to the vote against ERC and EHBildu, because that amendment did not include either the express prohibition of the use of rubber balls in police actions or those known as hot returns

“Spain is in a situation of democratic emergency with a right and ultra-right installed in an openly authoritarian discourse that does not recognize the basic rules of democracy and that seeks to put an end to public liberties”, argued yesterday the deputy of the PCE Enrique before to urge the PSOE and the rest of the democratic forces to propose this modification “as soon as possible”.

Sumar’s proposal also includes the extension of guarantees to the organizers of demonstrations no matter what happens next, the elimination of sanctions for journalists who cover them, the top manta and the possession of cannabis for personal consumption.

Santiago played down the importance from the beginning of possible protests by police organizations “other than those who put the crystal sky” and that use the security forces “to do politics”.

Although the beginning of a new legislature forces the process to return to square one, the co-spokesman of Sumar was moderately confident in shortening the deadlines, since formations such as ERC have communicated to him “the interest to move forward” .

The will of the confederal space, as expressed yesterday, asks to give content to the “point and to the point” expressed by Sánchez. And this is how he made it known to the president of the Spanish Government, whom he hastens to comply with his commitment: “Calls for democratic regeneration cannot remain in personal reflections or in drills; there is a majority to democratize all the rules and structures”, justified the parliamentary spokesman for Sumar. “Watch out, the majorities that are not used erode, wear out”, he warned.

Despite the differences expressed, since 2015 there has been a commitment within the current investiture block to repeal this regulation approved under the presidency of Mariano Rajoy so that the majority of the parliamentary arch changes.