It is namely such that the series about the charming killer and the stalker returns with another season.

This was announced by the show’s official page on the social media Twitter.

Here was short and sweet: ‘We’ll see you soon, neighbor. YOU season three is coming’.

the Series has been a huge success on Netflix, and in Denmark is on the list of the most watched productions in 2019.

In the series, you meet Joe Goldberg, who in the beginning works in a bookstore in New York city.

Here he fell in love with a young woman, and the viewer is then taken on a hair-raising trip with Joe, played by Penn Badgley, while he stalker, murder, and scares all the people around his sweetheart.

the Actor behind the character went out with a message, since the show’s first season ran.

Here he struck a blow for women who watched the series should not idolisere his character, as it was a complete psychopath.

In the second season, it is again Penn Badgley, who controls the show, and it also seems that he is the star of the upcoming season.

There is yet to come something out of when we can expect the third season.