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The 63-year-old chartered accountant Kim Hersland has for several years been in the regulatory spotlight.

His firm has been raided by the fraud squad, he has been fined from the Revisornævnet for gross violations of the rules, and so he now works out of the auditors ‘ trade association.

Despite the many flashing warning lights have constantly been customers in the store.

But now Ekstra Bladet can reveal that Kim Herslands client list is also not completely ordinary. Information from the CVR register will show that you can find companies with both narkobagmænd, hard-boiled bandefolk and economic scammers in management.

‘I have, as an auditor, a professional and obviously can’t comment on the specific facts,’ writes Kim Hersland in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

Watchdog Disreputable auditor is punished with more big fines

Actually, it appeared that the auditor had slowed down in February 2016.

Here had Revisornævnet had enough of Kim Hersland, who was stripped of his authorization to work as an accountant. It was the first time in 10 years, that the tribunal punished a auditor so hard.

What does a auditor?

An auditor has two primary tasks: Review and advice.The auditor is often described as the public’s steward. It is important, therefore, that the auditor is totally independent in relation to the companies you are affiliated with.The review is about to check and sign the clients ‘ accounts so that the public knows that one can rely on them.In several large skandalesager, bl.a. Hesalight, Recycling and the IT Factory, have the auditors approved the accounts, which has proved to be completely misleading.In the cases, the auditors will have to pay compensation to any investors who have had the confidence to accounts. Show more Close

But Hersland appealed the decision to the court of appeal, where it is now almost four years later has still not been settled. Therefore, he has been able to freely continue its work. And it has fallen more in the industry of the chest.

– It is really unsatisfactory that it goes so slowly to get processed the cases. When Revisornævnet has said that there is a problem, then it is a serious matter. If an auditor has got the clip driving licence, he must not be lying on the road, “said Tom Vile Jensen, executive director in the auditors’ trade association, the CSF, which itself has thrown Kim Hersland on the gate.

a Few months after the deferred karantænedom signed the statutory auditor financial statements of a company, where the director was a well-known gang leader from the Copenhagen area. He has got long prison sentences for among other things, the arms trade and stabbing.

And just a few days later, granted Kim Hersland the same service for another company. Here, the director is imprisoned for eighteen years for financial fraud.

‘There is no signed accounts of me subsequently,’ writes Hersland in an email to Ekstra Bladet on the two companies.

But in the following year have a string of other companies with convicted criminals in the leadership had him assigned as an auditor.

One of the directors have been given five years in prison for smuggling hundreds of kilos of hash, a second is convicted of fraud and tax evasion, while a third director is sentenced to jail to stand behind a skunk laboratory.

In recent times, however, it is not the job as auditor which has created attention about Kim Hersland. He is also cfo of the group Northcapital, who claims to own the gemstone for several billion dollars.

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But as Extra the Blade described is Northcapital despite the grand gestures time and time again ended up in trouble.

the Danish business authority has tvangsopløst two of the group’s companies, just like there is right now pending an investigation by the police in Germany with Northcapital as the focal point.

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